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What sets Nora Events apart from the rest?

Our company focuses on paying close attention to detail and offers extremely personalized services to our clients.

You will be able to meet with your personal DJ before you decide to book with us and will be in regular contact with our DJ and staff while planning your wedding.  You don't have to wait until 3 weeks or even 2 weeks prior to your day to find out who your DJ is. We offer free consultations at all times.

We believe having the personal DJ being available from initial meeting through the end time of your event sets us apart because the company pride itself in being personal and getting to know our clients. Making sure the DJ is able to connect on a personal level with each client ensures he understands your needs for your special day.

As a DJ company, we represent who you are and make sure your guests are entertained. From announcing the bride and groom for the first dance, we will make sure every moment is perfect.

Why are some wedding DJ companies so inexpensive?

Some DJ's give bargain deals. Unfortunately, this is a case of "you get what you pay for."  Many DJ's aren't able to deliver what a true professional DJ should be able to offer.  This means limited experience, cheap equipment, a limited music library, no back-up equipment and little or no advanced planning or training which can lead to major problems at your reception.  Most DJ's have little or no training.  The industry is full of people who DJ part-time to make extra money.  Many companies charge low rates in order to get every job that comes their way and then they may even sub-contract your event to a part-timer who lacks the experience of a professional DJ.

Nora Events normally invests 12-30 hours on most wedding receptions. Consultations, meetings, music editing, preparation, set-up and tear-down and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special day.  You are investing in knowledge, experience and peace of mind.

What wedding packages do you offer?

We offer unlimited reception music playtime with professional audio and DJ lighting system for the dance floor. This package also includes a wireless microphone for your announcements and toasts.  One simple package without all the the confusing rates and options.

This package will cover all your reception needs, from cocktail hour, dinner, party and everything in between up until 1am.

We don't believe in charging a 4 hour rate and then Up charging our clients by the hour. What wedding reception really lasts 4 hours long?  We will start anytime and play up until 1am.

How to book us?​​​

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to save your date. (from the unlimited DJ package) Remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event.

Your day has finally come and you shouldn't have to worry about paying any vendors on the day of. Enjoy and cherish every moment.


What happens after you book?

You have access to your tools 24/7 and are able to edit and make changs anytime. Your online tools are due 2 weeks prior to your event.)Once you book with us, you will be given a username and password so you can access our online tools as often as you would like from any location with internet access. These tools include: event planner, timeline, music planner and online payment center. (

What kind of system do you use?

We only carry high end professional and up-to-date equipment for our clients. We don't want to bore clients with technology jargon, but in a nutshell: Depending on your venue size and acoustics, we will choose the appropriate system for your event. All of our P.A systems are powered by QSC pro grade systems.

We have a sophisticated music/mixing system powered by Pioneer that is capable of playing many formats including: mp3, CD, flash drive and iPod. We bring our complete music library so that our clients and their guests are able to make requests.

As for our DJ effect lights, these are not your average cheesy 80's disco lights! We use Led light technology, which will make your dance floor come alive with our light show. 

Do you have a back up system?

Yes we do. We always have a back up P.A system and also a back up DJ music/mixing controller.
We test all of our systems before heading out to an event.

What does the DJ wear?

DJ will be in appropriate attire for any event. The normal attire for wedding receptions is a black suit and tie. If you would prefer more formal attire or any other requests, arrangements can be made.


When Does DJ set up?

Depending on the service, The DJ arrives 1 to 3 hours before the event starts. (DJ will bring assistant depending on contracted services)

Do you have back up DJ's?

If for some reason a DJ is unable to make an event, we have back up DJs available as well as standing agreements with other DJ companies to provide emergency services.

How far will you travel?

The Twin Cities is our home but we can travel worldwide for an additional fee.  

Are you insured?

Yes, our insurance policy covers up to 2 million dollars in liability coverage. Some venues wont let DJ companies play until they show proof. Don't worry, we're covered.

Do you use contracts?

Yes, we use detailed contracts that list the requirements of each party. This is to avoid any possible discrepancies.

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